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MCI Bootcamp for Aspiring Models & Actors

 MCI BootCamp is designed to educate aspiring Models and Actors. Today, MCI BootCamp has changed hundreds of lives. The MCI BootCamp is a great way to get started as a working Model and Actor. MCI BootCamp was birthed in 2004 in Nashville Tennessee. Founder R. Tracy Fitzgerald, who is also recognized as an award winning fashion and commercial photographer, created MCI. In the spring of 2003, MCI gatherings were being held as open forums that took place in the r.tracy photography studios, located downtown Nashville. The open forums brought together industry professionals with aspiring Models and Actors. Those early gatherings were magical. Connections were being made and relationships were being cultivated. As the popularity of MCI gained National recognition, founder r.tracy took those forums on the road and out of his native state. The MCI forum needed a name that better branded what Tracy was doing. In the spring of 2004, he renamed those meetings and forums to be known as MCI Workshops. Those workshops were being held all across the Southeast. Model and Talent Agencies were joining Tracy’s vision and that of MCI. In December of 2004 after being on the road for 9 long months, a Homecoming was planned and took place in his hometown of Nashville. The Homecoming event was thoughtfully named ‘The Music City Invitational’. Over the next 6 years, MCI Workshops were being held from state to state, month after month. Hundreds of solid relationships were created. Each year the Annual Homecoming known as ‘The Music City Invitational, continued to take place in its birth city of Nashville. In January of 2011, just after the 8th annual Homecoming, Tracy invited Toni Busker to join the MCI Team. Toni brought with her creative new ideas and a fresh new vision. Her values were exactly what MCI was in search of. Toni had an ignited passion for teaching and mentoring girls. Giving back was Toni’s true calling. In the spring of 2011, Tracy and Toni set out with a more regimented approach to teaching and scouting. The workshop was revamped and the name was changed once again. The trademarked name BootCamp was incorporated. The MCI BootCamp replaced the workshops. MCI BootCamp has now traveled thousands upon thousands of miles and given thousands of opportunities to aspiring Models and Actors all across the country. The mission statement for MCI BootCamp holds the same value today as it did in 2003. The integrity of MCI thrives each day in the lives of those who have had the opportunity to work with Tracy and Toni. Together, Tracy and Toni are successfully building relationships and creating solid industry connections for those who are aspiring to become a Model or Actor. By walking in God’s light, all things are possible

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